Mining CryptoCurrency or Buy them?

About Mining

From yesterday cryptocurrency performance, we can see that BTC is back, as well as other cryptocurrency. Having crossed $12000 for BTC, other cryptocurrency has virtually doubled from its December lows. It is very near China New Year and seems the pumping of the cryptocurrency is the new year gift to all miners.


Is it profitable to mine Dash?

Taking StrongU U6 as example to mine Dash, Model STU-U6 from StrongU mining X11 algorithm with a maximum hash rate of 440Gh/s for a power consumption of 2200W.


Daily net income per U6 miner is 7.5$ (Based on BTC=12000$). Those days U6 miner is 950$ per unit, with shipping included, which means it will takes about 120 days to take back the initial investment. The 12 months total net income shall be over 2700$, which shows a great return on the investment. What you think?

Post time: Oct-23-2020