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Short Description:

MultMiner M1 contains 3 computing power boards, adopts American Xilinx FPGA chip, high-quality system integration architecture makes M1 machine performance more stable and powerful, it is currently the hardware design and product structure with the highest computing power in the FPGA mining machine market.

Machine hardware parameters

Power supply: DC12V;

Power consumption: It varies according to different algorithms (see below for details), it is recommended that the power supply power be> 1200W

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  • Product Detail

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    FPGA Minert Multminer M1
    Net Weight:6kgs
    Size:430mm ×290mm ×240mm
    Without PSU
    Working Temp.:-10°C ~ 40°C
    MultMiner M1 Hashrate
    Coin algorithm Hashrate/G Power/W
    CKB Eaglesong 31.50 820
    38.00 1150
    HNS Black2B+SHA3 5.80 850
    KDA Black2S 90.00 1000
    TRB combinational algorithm 12.00 750
    Other algorithms are being updating

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