Survey: 40% of South Korean youths have bought virtual currency

On November 22, according to a report by South Korea’s Asia Daily, the National Federation of Economic Persons of Korea (hereinafter referred to as the “All Economic Federation”) recently commissioned an investigation agency Mono Research to conduct financial management for 700 young people in their 20s to 30s. Questionnaire survey.

According to the survey, 36.1% of the respondents said that real estate investment is a necessary means to increase the scale of assets, followed by stock speculation (32.4%), virtual currency (13.1%), savings (8.0%), etc. In addition, in the survey results, 40.5% of the respondents indicated that they have had the experience of investing in virtual currencies.

Among them, the group with an investment amount of less than 5 million won (approximately RMB 26,900) accounted for the largest proportion, at 62.5%, and the proportion with an investment of more than 100 million won was 2.8%, and 49.3% said that it is difficult to accumulate property by salary alone, so Choose to try to invest in virtual currency.



Post time: Nov-22-2021

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